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1. On arrival home from your holiday, you must inform us that you are home, either by text or phone call.  Failure to do so, may result in another visit to check on the welfare of your pets and this will result in an extra fee.

2. Pet sitting fee must be paid in full by the date of the first visit.  Dog Walking fee must be paid either on the day of the walk, or at the beginning of each week for multi-walk clients.  Pensioner discount applies to dog walking services only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount offer.  Multi-walk discount applies to bookings of 4 or more walks per week (this does not apply to pet sitting bookings).  Prices are subject to change.

3. Cancellations incur a fee of 25% of the total booking cost if less than 24 hours notice is given.  A Public Holiday surcharge of $15 applies in addition to the regular booking fee.  Travel costs apply for bookings outside a 10km radius of Morphett Vale. 

4. You must make us aware of any behavioral issue regarding your pet.  Should your pet cause injury to any person or animal, including the carer, or should they cause property damage, we cannot be held liable or financially responsible. 

5. You must inform us of any health or medical issues concerning your pet.  Should the need arise, we have your authority to seek veterinary treatment or advice, at your expense, from your specified Vet if available, or from an alternative Vet.

6. In extreme weather conditions, walks can be re-scheduled.  If we cannot re-schedule and the walk is cancelled, any monies paid will be credited towards the next walk or refunded.

7. We have your authority to enter your premises in your absence and you have provided us with keys, access information and emergency contact details.  We will hold on to all keys until you have contacted us to advise of your safe return.  This is to ensure we have access to your pets, should there be some delay with your return.

8. If your pets are to remain outside during your absence, we cannot be held liable should your pet escape due to the yard not being properly secured.  We do not accept responsibility for any damage or injury (including to themselves) incurred by your pet if they escape.

9. Whilst we guarantee to lock up when we leave, we cannot be held liable for the security of the premises, or for any loss or damage resulting from inadequate, breached or failed security.

10. Dogs will be kept on leash during walks, UNLESS, it is your express wish that we let them off.  Under these circumstances, we cannot be held liable or financially responsible if:

a) Your pet causes injury/death to other animals or persons

b) Your pet causes property damage

c) The escape of your pet results in loss, injury or death of the pet

11. We reserve the right to decline or cancel a booking if we feel there is a risk to the safety of the carer.  Should this occur after commencement, we will notify you of our intention to relinquish care of your pets to you or your emergency contact.  Monies paid from the date we stop providing the service will be refunded.

12. Home visit times cannot be guaranteed, however, we will endeavor to visit your pets as close as possible to the requested times.

13. Unforeseen circumstances may result in a change of carer without notice. This is done at Mad About Muttz' discretion.

14. Booking Forms must be completed for initial bookings.  Subsequent bookings simply require a phone call or email to advise booking dates, unless, you need to notify us of any changes to your pets needs or, of any additional pets.  In this case, another booking form will need to be completed.

15. By signing the Booking Form, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions.  For subsequent bookings, which do not require a booking form to be completed, you must acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions as stated on the Mad About Muttz website.

16. Terms and Conditions are subject to change.


All services provided by Mad About Muttz will be done so professionally and in a reliable and trustworthy manner.  In consideration of, and as an express condition of these services, you will accept responsibility for, and fully indemnify, Mad About Muttz management, carers and contractors against any claim arising from, or relating to, the above.

The information you have provided to Mad About Muttz is true and correct.